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Edinburgh International Book Festival Monday 29th August 2016

Edinburgh Charlotte Square during the book Festival

Sunday the Book Festival: Alan Cumming exclusively previewed his new book. Some Highlights for today: 10.00am Fraser Doherty Aged just 14, Edinburgh-based Fraser Doherty began making 100% fruit jam in his gran’s kitchen and successfully sold it to Waitrose. 13 years on, SuperJam is an international brand. Keen to inspire other young people to take […]

Nicola thinks she is Jeremy Paxman says poet and Scotland’s Makar Jackie Kay

Edinburgh Charlotte Square during the book Festival

A pressured Jackie Kay told her audience at the Edinburgh International Book Festival  “She thinks she’s Jeremy Paxman,” as she answered questions by her interviewer.  An interviewer who just happened to be Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. Although strikingly at ease in the role of questioner (and far less aggressive than that notorious bulldog of the BBC),  Sturgeon revealed that […]

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